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Invertor G5 At the heart of every great machine
Accurax G5 gives you that extra edge to build faster, accurate, smaller and safer machines. You will gain almost 25% in motor weight reduction and 50% savings in cabinet space. You will achieve sub micron precision and ms settling time.
Invertor SmartStep Servo capability with stepper simplicity
SmartStep (RJD) is designed and engineered to provide you with an easy way to migrate from steppers to servos in minutes. It accepts pulse-train input, can be configured quickly via simple dip switches and has an on-line auto-tuning function. Thus, the SmartStep offers all the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a stepper with the added advantages of the servo drive capability.
Invertor F7 The industrial Workhorse
The F7 drive is the industrial workhorse of adjustable frequency drives. It is intended to handle every conventional drive application found in a typical industrial manufacturing plant from simple variable torque pumping to sophisticated networked material handling. With excellent performance and a wide array of configurations and options, the F7 can be the single drive platform for an entire facility. Network communications, plug-in I/O cards, custom software and power/packaging options are among the many choices. For new installations or retrofits, the F7 is truly the industrial workhorse, perfect for every conventional application…and even some unconventional ones.

Invertor J1000 The basic inverter
The new J1000 inverter has been designed to become the basic inverter in applications like conveyors, fans and pumps with small power ratings. It’s so easy to install, set-up, operate run but at same time covering all the needs for such a kinds of applications.

Invertor Jumna Drive A new concept in drive simplicity - save space, save wiring, save time
Junma compact servo drive (SJME/SJDE) with built-in MECHATROLINK-II significantly reduces wiring and set-up time, while saving up to 30% of cabinet space. The Junma series is the first in the world to be fully tuning-free and program-less.

Invertor Jx Invertor Compact and Complete
With the RFI filter built-in and communications integrated as standard, the JX provides a compact and complete solution to a whole range of simple applications. The RS485 Modbus is built into the RJ45 port of the inverter front, making it very easy to add inverters into the network without any extra option boards. Therefore, saving costs and space.

Invertor Motor Smart Step Ultra-compact motor
The SmartStep motors (RJM) offer the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a stepper with the added advantages of a servo system.

Invertor MX2 inverter Born to Drive Machines
Specifically created for your application, the MX2 was developed to harmonise advanced motor and machine control. Thanks to its fast CPU’s and advanced algorithms the MX2 provides smooth control down to zero speed, plus precise operation for fast cyclic operations and torque control capability in open loop.

Invertor RX Inverter Customised to your machine
Omron realises that you need quality and reliability, plus the ability to easily and quickly customise your inverter to the application in hand. And with the RX, you have the perfect tool for the job. Naturally it combines the same high level of quality and performance for which Omron is renowned. It also has abundant application functionality on board and can be customised to match your precise requirements.

Invertor V1000 10 x 100 = 1 - Quality has a new formula, 10 year life-time without maintenance.
Thanks to the patented design of the V1000 series (VZA) and modern manufacturing, it is built for a 10 year life-time without maintenance. The new features guarantee a 100% expectation match and with a field failure rate of less than 1 in 10,000, the new V1000 series inverter will outperform all other inverters long after it has been implemented.